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Mosquito Control New Orleans

Mosquito Control – Tips For Effective Pest Control Mosquito control is not only a means to help deter the spread of disease, but also a way to rid ourselves of the annoyance caused by these pests. One has to make sure that his/ her home stays mosquito-free. By actively working [...]

How Can We Keep Our Business Pest Free?

Pest Management in Food Service Facilities Cockroaches are a serious problem in these accounts, but control can be achieved if food, water, and harborage are eliminated and customer cooperation is achieved. Pest control in food service facilities can quickly become a struggle between the client and pest management professional if [...]

How Do I Get Rid of Termites In My House?

How to tell the difference between swarming Ants and Termites Termites often start swarming around the latter part of February through early March. It is important to distinguish swarming ants from termites because control measures for both are quite different in technique and price. Subterranean termites are the most destructive [...]

Can Mosquitoes Cause Disease?

Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes Expand U.S. Range, CDC Reports The southern U.S. shows a substantial increase in the number of counties reporting evidence of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. July 6, 2017 The southern United States shows a substantial increase in the number of counties that reported evidence of the mosquitoes [...]