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Mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor activities- crawfish boils, company picnics, birthday parties, backyard barbecues or just trying to enjoy a nice evening on your porch or patio. NOLA Pest Control offers a unique mosquito control service to help reduce mosquito populations so you can reclaim your outdoor recreation areas.

What Makes Us Different

NOLA Pest Control is the authority on mosquito control, we are committed to providing superior services in the Metro New Orleans, LA area, that will help clients enjoy their homes and yards again. NOLA Pest Control is family owned and operated, and our first priority is the needs of our clients. For more than 20 years we have been helping people live pest free, and getting rid of mosquitoes on your property is no problem with our thorough four-step, tried and true process (details below).

Our professionally trained and licensed technicians will perform highly effective fogging treatments to eliminate mosquitoes around your home and yard, allowing you to appreciate the outdoors once again.

Service You Can Depend On

We take the time to inform our clients of the conditions and areas that mosquitoes thrive and breed in and offer our tips and advice on how you can stay on top of keeping these areas uninviting for additional mosquito breeding.
We will inspect your property for breeding sites, including standing water, grass, gardens, eaves of the building and treat shrubbery and other foliage and shady areas where mosquitoes tend to land and rest.

Once we do a complete inspection of your entire property, finding all areas that behave as mosquito breeding and habitat areas, we will, with our ultimate mosquito fogging machine, quickly and effectively treat all areas to eliminate mosquitoes on your property.

We’ve been providing successful mosquito control services for many years and our continued goal is,

No Mosquitoes. Guaranteed.

  • 30 *day guarantee honored only when all breeding conditions for these seasonal

  • Pests have been cleaned, removed and/or fixed by the property owner, according to the most recent inspection provided by your professional pest control operator.

  • All breeding problem areas will be brought to your attention and then given to you in check-list form at the time of initial inspection. These same areas will be re-inspected prior to any future treatments being done.


mosquito pest controlMosquito pest control

There are about 170 different kinds of mosquitoes in North America alone. These pests are part of the same family as houseflies and fruit flies because they all have two clear, veined wings. Best known as a summer pest, Mosquitoes can develop from egg to adult in 10 to 14 days.

Size: 1/4″ to 3/8″

Shape: Narrow, oval

Color: Pale brown with whitish stripes across abdomen.

Legs: 6

Wings: Yes

Antenna: Yes


We usually say, “I have been bitten by a mosquito”, but this is not completely true. Mosquitoes do not bite. Female mosquitoes feed on plant nectar and blood. They need the protein to reproduce. To get to the blood, they pierce our skin with their “proboscis” and suck our blood. Male mosquitoes feed exclusively on plant nectars. Mosquitoes are busiest at night and will fly up to 14 miles for a blood meal. They hunt for food by detecting body heat and Carbon Dioxide, the gas we breathe out.


Mosquitoes breed in soft, moist soil or stagnant water sources such as storm drains, old tires, children’s wading pools and birdbaths.


Mosquitoes spread diseases such as West Nile Virus, malaria and dengue fever.

Our Mosquito Control Program

NOLA Pest Control has a unique mosquito control service that will reduce the mosquito population so you can enjoy your property on the outside again.

  • We will thoroughly inspect your property for breeding sites, including standing water, grass, gardens, eaves of building, shrubbery, foliage and other shady areas where mosquitoes tend to land, rest and breed.

  • Once inspection is complete we will begin our unique and thorough treatment of all problem areas on your property and will also treat any potential problem areas, eliminating mosquitoes from your property that same day.

  • We work together with you on the initial inspection, issuing a check-list of all problem areas at the time of inspection so that you, as the property owner can make sure that these areas stay clean, void of debris and any repairs needed remain in good condition.

  • We are very confident in our mosquito treatment system and even though nothing can eradicate every single mosquito on your property we guarantee that our treatment will keep you from being pestered by mosquitoes for up to 30* days (please see our guarantee above). You can and will enjoy the outdoors on your property again when you call NOLA Pest Control today!

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