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Why Are Mosquitoes So Hard To Get Rid Of?

Mosquitoes are not only the most annoying insects but they
 also transmit deadly malaria virus among other illnesses in humans. That’s
 right, the most dangerous animal in the world can be killed with a slap. Mosquitoes 
have been known to cause a variety of illnesses apart from the commonly known
 Malaria. These insects have the ability to carry different types of bacteria.
Did you know that mosquitoes don’t cause Malaria? It is the plasmodium in it 
that does so. Take an example, a car cannot cause an accident without a driver,
 the mosquito is the car while the plasmodium is the driver.

How to protect yourself from mosquito bites

Let’s delve deeper into some shocking details and demystify
 some facts about this small deadly insect:

· Malaria kills more than 300 million people every 
year and infects about a billion in the world. This is according to a study done by the World 
Health Organization.

· Mosquitoes are responsible for causing dengue, a
 disease associated with a feeling of broken bones. It is a killer disease in 
most children not to mention being really painful.

· They also cause “Yellow fever”, a disease 
associated with hemorrhaging of internal body organs. About 200,000 people are
 infected yearly by this and unfortunately, 30,000 people are unfortunate and do not

· Mosquitoes are also known to cause West Nile virus,
 a bird disease that causes pain in the patients and causes high fever and vomiting.

You might now be wondering, how do I get rid of mosquitoes
 around my home? There are a variety of mosquito control measures that one can 
adopt in and around their home to deal with this menace:

· Using mosquito repellents which come in 
different forms of gels, lotions, and sprays.

· Trimming the lawns and keeping gardens short and 
trimmed to prevent excessive breeding areas.

· Getting rid of any stagnant water around your 
home to prevent further reproduction.

· Using mosquito coils and insecticides indoors to 
repel away the mosquitoes.

However, all these methods are not always effective especially
 when done in isolation and that’s why it becomes vital to seek extra help from 
professional pest control companies like NOLA Pest Control.

At NOLA Pest Control, we are experts in not only mosquito control but 
also pest control in general, in and around New Orleans. Perhaps you have 
experienced a situation where you get rid of pests in your home only for them 
to come back a few days later.

Perchance you have explored various options on how to deal 
with mosquitoes in the past but your efforts have been futile? That’s because you 
did not deal with the problem effectively. Mosquito and pest control not only 
entails eliminating them but also destroying their breeding grounds.

At NOLA Pest Control, we focus on elimination and not just covering up the
 problem. With our team of professionals, we’ll do a preliminary investigation
 where we determine the best approach to deal with the mosquito problem in your 
space, both commercial and residential.

Here’s why you should consider using our pest management company.

· We offer a variety of pest control services ranging from rodent control, termite,
 bedbug and mosquito control measures for both residential houses and commercial
 buildings, no matter your needs.

· At NOLA Pest Control, we offer free advice and tips on how you can further 
eradicate pests in your home.

· You will enjoy customized mosquito control and
other pest eradication programs that will suit your needs.

· We are very flexible in terms of our schedules, 
we can adjust appointments for you and your family’s convenience.

· Our record systems are up to date and efficient,
 we keep a detailed review of the pesticides we use and this can be used for 
future reference. Some mosquitoes develop resistance to a particular pesticide
 in case it is used repeatedly.

· We offer maximum pest and mosquito control 
satisfaction guarantee where in case you spot some pests in your home 48 hours
 after our clean up, we offer extra removals all for free.

· At NOLA Pest Control, we fully comply with all the safety
 standard measures and procedures to prevent you from exposure to dangerous
 fumes from pesticides.

· No need to worry about environmental compliance 
regulations, at NOLA Pest Control, we utilize environmentally friendly pest control methods
 that are not harmful thanks to our integrated pest management system that
 minimizes the use of chemical agents that have detrimental effects in the long 

· Our pest control team consists of experts who 
are reliable, friendly, and professional.

When mosquitoes begin swarming around your home give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out and eliminate the mosquitoes so that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors and your home again, mosquito free.

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