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Mike Lollar, the owner of NOLA Pest Control, LLC

Mike Lollar, the owner of NOLA Pest Control, LLC

He has been in pest control services for over 20 years. He started his career in pest management in 1989 with Redd Pest Control / Miller the Killer.

He was put through extensive training in all areas of the pest control industry, including being sent to LSU for entomology classes. Mike attended LSU not to become an entomologist but to gain some knowledge of entomology and to better understand the pest management industry.

Upon completion of four years of training and education that is required by Louisiana law, Mike was allowed the opportunity to take the test for pest service licensing. These licenses are issued through Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF).

Upon passing the required testing, Mike was granted his Louisiana pest control license.

Below is a brief summary of the LDAF Pesticide & Environmental Programs, along with
a direct link to the LDAF website.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry(LDAF) is designated as the state’s lead agency in the regulation of pesticide use and application. The LDAF’s Pesticide and Environmental Programs Division is responsible for licensing and training pesticide applicators, overseeing worker protection, registering pesticides for sale in the state and working to minimize unnecessary impacts by pests to agriculture and society in general while protecting human health, the environment, and endangered and threatened species as mandated by the federal law.

The mission of the Pesticide and Environmental Programs Division ensures the proper labeling, distribution, storage, transportation, use, application, and disposal of pesticides within the state of Louisiana through fair and equitable implementation and enforcement of all applicable state and federal laws.

Through the Advisory Commission on Pesticides and the Structural Pest Control Commission, the division investigates and brings actions against those charged with violations of pesticide laws, rules, and regulations. Click here for LDAF website

In January of 1997, Mike departed from Redd Pest Control / Miller the Killer to start Paramount, and in January 2011 he started NOLA Pest Control. Since that time he has been providing quality pest control services to the entire New Orleans metro area.

Mike truly cares about people and his main goal and focus is to please his clients by providing them with the solutions to their pest problems, no matter how large or small the problem may be. Thank You for Visiting NOLA Pest Control we look forward to serving you!