Commercial & Industrial Pest Management

Commercial and Industrial businesses should always have a pest control management system in place. From small offices to retail stores, to apartment complexes, to food handling facilities and warehouse/distribution facilites. As business owners and operators, it is your responsibility to protect your employees as well as your customers from the problems that pests can cause.

Pests will never stop trying to find another way to infiltrate your facility, but if you consistently implement the appropriate pest control plan, you can keep those pests from turning into a more serious problem. Food handling establishments, food processing plants and food distribution centers must have a thorough pest control plan of action in place that can be deemed on target to Sanitation and Health inspectors.

How you manage your pest problems will depend on what type of business you are in, but please be advised that to even show indications of the presence of pest in a public food service facility is against the law. It is a violation of the FD&C Act of 1938 to have such things as rodent pellets or bird feathers in your warehouse.

Pests are a significant nuisance. For one, they can lead to considerable financial debt.

“Studies commonly estimate that pest activity results in losses ranging between 5% and 10% of stored food products,” reports David Mueller, publisher of a pest control newsletter. In the third world, pests completely ruin up to 50% of stored food.

Amongst the top five causes of public protest is the activity of pest. It is a fact that most people are informed about pests carrying diseases and that infestation can lead to legal action and negative exposure.

The pests that can be of greatest aggravation is probably the German cockroach because it can rapidly become immune to various pesticides. Once a German cockroach establishes a population, you will have to alternate pesticides to keep them contained.

Another difficulty is the pests’ aptness to hide in unanticipated places. During servicing for clients we have located cockroaches in the insulation around the firebox of ovens including numerous areas within a commercial type kitchen.

The roaches will go to cooler areas when the heat kicks up.

We have seen roaches in and out of appliances and from floor to ceiling.

NOLA Pest Control applies a well-organized plan to keep the pests under control within your place of business. It is our goal to not only control your pests, but we also implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM). What IPM means is to decrease the use of chemical agents by applying all of the resources at your disposal. We will set up a pest management control system for your particular pest problems so that you will be well informed of the procedures and steps that we’re taking to make your place of business as pest free as possible. This system will be updated as needed.