Rodent Control

Rodent Infestations Can Cause Serious Problems

Rodent Infestations Can Cause Serious Problems

Rely on us for rodent control services in New Orleans, Kenner & Metairie, LA

Rodents are expert hiders and multipliers. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, reach out to a pest control expert immediately. Homeowners and business owners in New Orleans, Kenner, Metairie, LA and nearby areas turn to NOLA Pest Control for rodent control services.

If you don't get rid of rodents, they could:

  • Chew through your upholstered furniture and electronics
  • Gnaw on your electrical wires and cause fire hazards
  • Carry hazardous parasites and spread diseases

We'll bait, trap and remove the rats or mice within just two days of your call. It typically takes us around 24 hours to return calls. Call 504-250-8088 now to set up rodent control services.

Keep rodents out for good

NOLA Pest Control performs rodent control for clients in the New Orleans, Kenner & Metairie, LA area, including New Orleans and all of southern Louisiana. Once we get rid of your rodent problem, we can talk to you about rodent exclusion. This is a preventive measure that reduces the chances of future rodent infestations. We'll install an exterior rodent baiting system that will sit outside of your home year-round.

To learn more about rodent exclusion, reach out to us today.